Welcome to the World of Dance

Still have a few question? Don’t worry we put together a list of popular F.A.Q’s to help you out! If you’re not finding what you are looking for give us a call or stop by our studio. 


When is a good age to start dancing?

We've had from ages 4 all the way to 85 dance with us. There is no such thing as a perfect age. Good dancers are built not born. We have the perfect  itinerary  for every student to feel comfortable and work at their own pace. 

How should i dress for my lesson?

Wear something you can move in, our studio has a very friendly and laid back environment. We recommend comfortable shoes. Closed toe shoes work best to refrain from slipping. Keep in mind that resistant shoes make it harder to move your feet. If Dance lessons become a big part of your weekly schedule we will help you find the perfect ballroom shoes Made for dancing! 

What dances will i learn?

Did you have a certain dance in mind? Let us know and we will start off with that specific one otherwise we start off on how well acclimated you are. For instance if you are a begginer we will start off with just basics and progress from there. We offer all partnership dances such as Cha Cha, foxtrot, waltz, country western and so on. 

Do i need a partner?

A partner is certainly not necessary but welcomed if you do have one. If you begin private lessons your instrutor will mainly focus on your dancing rather than you following/leading your partner. In our group classes we have the perfect amount of staff and students to make sure every one dances together. This will be a perfect time for you to mingle and get to know our studio better!

How qualified are your dance instructors?

All instructors working at Fonzie's Dance City are gifted and knowledgeable in what they teach, as current or former competitors themselves they know exactly what it takes for you to get there. All our expert Dance instructors have completed rigorous training to ensure they are more than capable to give you the best of their ability. Each teacher is experienced on the dance floor and skilled in their techniques all while being pleasurable and a joy to be around. 

My schedule is usually busy, will this be a problem?

Patience is key, If you have a busy schedule that is no problem we work with you on your time! However it may just take a while longer to get your dancing to evolve if you are in the studio less rather than someone who is in 3 times a week. As long as you’re patient we will be too! Having our students succeed is in our best interest.

How will i know if i am ready for competition?

The truth is, you will never feel ready for competition. Just like a high school test, there is always more studying to be done! But don’t let that discourage you. You may not feel quite ready until you actually get out there and dance like never before. Our instructors will coach you all the way through and never leave you feeling out of place. Do your best and keep at it, practice makes perfect. You may just suprise yourself!