Dancesport Competition:

    Ever dream of Bling, Fun, Travel, and applause? Try competitive dancing and show that you are not a force to be reconed with. Our instructors are Current or former competitors that are skilled and trained with a winning mentality to be sure you reach your ultimate personal goals as a dancer. FDC is ranked Top Studio in CCTX as we currently are the only ballroom studio in town to focus solely on building and strengthening our competitive students for the dance floor with an outcome of outstanding results! 

    We are dedicated to ensure you receive some of the highest levels of Dance education. Let your innermost emotion shine through and express it all through the beauty of dance. Indulge yourself in laughter, love, self confidence, and most importantly happiness. Show the world what you’re made of!


Bronze, Silver, Gold


    The fastest way to improve your Skill is through Competition, known as both a form of art and sport. With every action the body and mind start to gain more mobility and understanding of how to approach certain movements that Seemed impossible before. 

     With effort your Body will start to develop strength, progress and precision at an accelerated rate as well as adapt all on its own just by consistency. Starting from Bronze for begginers, to Silver for intermediate and make your way into Gold for Advanced students as you become more experienced.

Find Your Essence, Become....